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Derrick Deep Dicks Madison

Sunday, January 14th, 2007

Derrick and Madison have been together for a few years, and their sex life just keeps getting better. Madison loves Derrick’s rock hard cock pounding deep in her wet pussy, and Derrick loves watching Madison’s tiny, perky tits bounce while he humps her. Together they are a couple who make sex look as good as it does in professional porn.

So when Derrick and Madison were asked to do an amateur porn film, they agreed. Madison was excited as she first took off her skirt for the camera, spreading her legs and opening her pussy for the lens. Then she pulled her t shirt off over her head to expose her little tits. Derrick sucked Madison’s nipples and bit them to make her squeal with pleasure.

Once Madison had freed Derrick’s cock from his pants, she was all over him, sucking and licking him. She took all 8 inches of his hard hot rod into her mouth, running her lips up and down his shaft like a professional whore. Derrick watched Madison suck him, and while he watched he thought about how much he wanted to fuck her tight little pussy hole.

Soon he got his wish. Madison lay down on the bed for Derrick and opened her legs. She grabbed Derrick’s cock a guided it into her waiting snatch hole. She was wet and throbbing, and the feeling of Derrick’s rod penetrating her little cunt sent her over the edge. Madison stroked her swollen clit while she came on Derrick’s cock. Derrick saw Madison’s juices flood his dick and balls, and fucked her pussy harder, pushing her into another body rocking orgasm. Finally, Derrick wanted to have his turn, so he pulled his dick from Madison’s cunt and sprayed his hot white load of cum all over her lips and chin, then watched as Madison licked the white jizz from her lips.

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