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Vanessa Vamps with Vinnie

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Vanessa was only 18 when her boyfriend, Vinnie, suggested that they should have sex in front of a camera. Vinnie wanted to fuck her on camera so he could keep the video. But what Vanessa didn’t know was that the video was being made as an amateur porn movie.

Vinnie convinced Vanessa to get naked for the camera. She stripped off her top, squeezing her bare nipples and grabbing her tits for Vinnie. Then she opened her legs and pulled up her skirt, showing off her panties. She pulled them aside and began to stroke her clit, rubbing herself until she was wet and throbbing. Vinnie pulled her panties off and began licking her pussy. Vanessa laid back and opened her thighs wider for Vinnie. She began to grind her hips into Vinnie’s tongue and finally succeeded in coming all over Vinnie’s face.

Once Vanessa had her orgasm, Vinnie was ready for his own head. Vanessa took Vinnie’s cock in her mouth and slid her lips along his shaft. Her mouth felt so good sliding over his dick that Vinnie grabbed the back of Vanessa’s head and shoved his cock into her throat. Vanessa groaned in pleasure at the feeling of Vinnie filling her mouth; she immediately lay down on the bed and begged Vinnie to fill her pussy, too.

Vinnie flipped Vanessa’s legs over her head and spread her pussy lips open with his fingers. Then he sunk his huge dick into Vanessa’s tight, wet cunt. He felt how warm and soaked she was, and began to pound her as hard as he could. Vanessa moaned and felt her pussy start to throb; she was overcome with an orgasm and felt her pussy clamp down over Vinnie’s pumping prick. Vinnie watched Vanessa’s flood of pussy juice covering his rod, and he immediately had to pull out of her to squirt his own white sticky cum onto Vanessa’s perfect tits.

Whitney and Sean Fuck for You

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Whitney met Sean only a few months ago, but already she can make him shoot his load across the room. She’s a busty brunette with perfect round tits and a beautiful, tight ass. Sean says he could fuck Whitney all day and never get tired of it. Whitney knows just how to get Sean’s balls throbbing and he knows right where all Whitney’s buttons are.

Whitney was waiting for Sean to get home from work one day and she decided to strip naked and greet him with her naked body exposed. She took off her top and pinched her nipples, making them hard and getting her pussy a little wet, too. Then Whitney pulled off her jeans and her tiny thong panties; as she pulled her thongs away from her pussy, she felt that her panties were already wet with her cunt juice.

When Sean got home and found Whitney naked with open legs waiting for him, his cock began to throb. He immediately stripped off his clothes and grabbed Whitney, offering her his hard prick. She took Sean in her mouth and sucked him, using her hand to stroke the long hard shaft of his cock.

After Sean let Whitney suck his dick for a while, he knew he wanted to fuck her tight pussy. He pushed Whitney to the couch and got between her long legs, opening her twat for his huge, throbbing member. He started slowly, fucking her cunt until she begged him to pound her pussy. Sean rolled Whitney over and grabbed her hips, pulling her round ass onto his waiting cock. Whitney moaned and released her juices all over Sean’s prick as it slipped in and out of her cunt. When he was ready to blow his load, Sean lay Whitney on the couch and jerked off, covering her beautiful face with his sticky white jizz.

Alexa Discovers Her Inner Slut with Her Man

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Alexa and Felix had met at a club a few months before shooting with us. Alexa was somewhat shy at first, which turned Felix on even more. He thought of her as a challenge and wanted to see just how freaky he could make her. She quickly opened up and let out her inner slut for her man.

As soon as Alexa spreads her long slender legs, Felix knows just what to do. He slowly penetrates her self-lubed slit with his busy fingers and rolls his tongue over her gorgeous clit. After flicking his tongue for a few minutes, she has the urge to repay him.

Alexa allows Felix to face fuck her and swallows his balls in between sucking. Her gag reflex is definitely under control. She lubes his cock up with her saliva, lays back and begs for more action. She fingers herself to prove just how wet she is and uses multiple fingers.

Felix impales her and begins pounding away and playing with her cute little nipples. She now sits on his cock and bounces away. When she is good and ready, she bends over and receives some deep penetration and a thumb in the ass. Felix soon replaces the thumb with his fat cock and Alexa squeals with excitement. He pounds away at her ass, goes ass to mouth and sprays his load all over her fantastic smile.