Vanessa Vamps with Vinnie

Vanessa was only 18 when her boyfriend, Vinnie, suggested that they should have sex in front of a camera. Vinnie wanted to fuck her on camera so he could keep the video. But what Vanessa didn’t know was that the video was being made as an amateur porn movie.

Vinnie convinced Vanessa to get naked for the camera. She stripped off her top, squeezing her bare nipples and grabbing her melons for Vinnie. Then she opened her legs and pulled up her skirt, showing off her panties. She pulled them aside and began to stroke her clit, rubbing herself until she was wet and throbbing. Vinnie pulled her panties off and began licking her twat. Vanessa laid back and opened her thighs wider for Vinnie. She began to grind her hips into Vinnie’s tongue and finally succeeded in coming all over Vinnie’s face.

Once Vanessa had her orgasm, Vinnie was ready for his own blowjob. Vanessa took Vinnie’s dong in her mouth and slid her lips along his man meat. Her mouth felt so good sliding over his dong that Vinnie grabbed the back of Vanessa’s BJ and shoved his dick into her throat. Vanessa groaned in pleasure at the feeling of Vinnie filling her mouth; she immediately lay down on the bed and begged Vinnie to fill her vagina, too.

Vinnie flipped Vanessa’s legs over her head and spread her va jay jay lips open with his fingers. Then he sunk his huge shaft into Vanessa’s tight, wet va jay jay. He felt how warm and soaked she was, and began to pound her as hard as he could. Vanessa moaned and felt her cooter start to throb; she was overcome with an orgasm and felt her vagina clamp down over Vinnie’s pumping prick. Vinnie watched Vanessa’s flood of va jay jay juice covering his rod, and he immediately had to pull out of her to squirt his own white sticky cum onto Vanessa’s perfect tits.

Sabrina and Lucky Are One Turned on and Horny Couple

Lucky proposed to Sabrina over dinner at a fancy restaurant. He gave her a beautiful diamond ring and she cried when he asked her to marry him. Sabrina was so touched by Lucky’s affection for her, she wanted to do something special for him.

Sabrina decided to do something that Lucky had always asked her to do but she never would: have sex in front of a camera. Sabrina found an amateur porn video company and hired them, greeting Lucky at the door with a half shirt and no panties, followed by the camera man.

Lucky lay down on the bed and let Sabrina straddle his face. She opened her folds for him, and he put his tongue into her vagina hole. As he tongue banged her, she squealed and rocked back and forth to get his tongue on her little clit, too. Sabrina leaned forward and rubbed Lucky’s dick to get him beautiful for her mouth. She sucked his boner to make him hard, then licked and sucked on his balls.

Once he finished licking her twat, Lucky wanted to fuck it. Sabrina sat on him in the missionary position. He grabbed her butt cheeks, spreading them so the camera could film his dick diving into her ready little hole. He pushed her down onto his rod every time she sat up and pulled away from him. Lucky kissed and fondled Sabrina’s perky little boobs while he banged her tight snatch.

Sabrina turned to face the camera, once again opening her legs for the lens. As the camera filmed her pink pussy, she guided Lucky’s cock into her pussy again. She rocked forward so Lucky’s cock would hit her g-spot just right. With her legs spread wide for the camera man, Sabrina came all over her fiance’s dick while Lucky jizzed inside her gushing pussy.

Leah Shows How Dirty She Is In This Horny Fuckfest


Blonde beach babe Leah was very eager to make her first porn video with her new boyfriend. As soon as she was asked, she was trying to bring the camera crew home with her right away. Once they got in the door she almost started stripping before they turned the camera on!

As soon as she was naked, she stripped all the clothing off her older boyfriend and lay him down on the bed. She crawled up next to him and slowly began licking and sucking at the BJ of his cock while playing with his balls with her hand. He moaned and she smiled, slipping her mouth further down his shaft and sucking at it like a lollypop. When he was good and hard and she could wait no longer, she slowly crawled the rest of the way up the bed and straddled his rockhard massive cock.

Leah sat down slowly, driving his rod between her soaking wet pussy lips and deep into her tight fuckhole. She bounces up and down, pounding it into her g-spot and moaning loudly. Eventually he decided to take control and makes her kneel, taking her hard from behind and grabbing on to her hips to hold her in place.

Eager to look like a true porn star, when she knew her boyfriend was almost turned on to spunk, she made him stop and stand over her face, jerking himself off above her. He moaned as he came, covering her in his sticky creamy cum and watching her lick it all up.

Whitney and Sean Fuck for You

Whitney met Sean only a few months ago, but already she can make him shoot his load across the room. She’s a busty brunette with perfect round tits and a beautiful, tight ass. Sean says he could fuck Whitney all day and never get tired of it. Whitney knows just how to get Sean’s balls throbbing and he knows right where all Whitney’s buttons are.

Whitney was waiting for Sean to get home from work one day and she decided to strip naked and greet him with her naked body exposed. She took off her top and pinched her nipples, making them hard and getting her pussy a little wet, too. Then Whitney pulled off her jeans and her tiny thong panties; as she pulled her thongs away from her pussy, she felt that her panties were already moist with her pussy juice.

When Sean got home and found Whitney naked with open legs waiting for him, his cock began to throb. He immediately stripped off his clothes and grabbed Whitney, offering her his hard prick. She took Sean in her mouth and sucked him, using her hand to stroke the long hard dick of his dick.

After Sean let Whitney suck his dick for a while, he knew he wanted to fuck her tight twat. He pushed Whitney to the couch and got between her long legs, opening her va jay jay for his huge, throbbing member. He started slowly, fucking her vagina until she begged him to pound her pussy. Sean rolled Whitney over and grabbed her hips, pulling her round ass onto his waiting dong. Whitney moaned and released her juices all over Sean’s prick as it slipped in and out of her pussy. When he was horny to blow his load, Sean lay Whitney on the couch and jerked off, covering her sexy face with his sticky white cum.

Stephie and Chris Couldn't Wait Anymore – They Just Had to Bang

Stephie had worked with Chris for a while at the restaurant before she knew that he wanted her. Once they started dating, Stephie noticed the way Chris watched her hungrily as she went form table to table in her short ebony mini skirt. He watched the tops of her bare thighs, waiting for the occasional sight of Stephie’s thong panties.

Once Chris got Stephie home, he yanked her shirt off and threw it on the floor. Then he pulled her skirt off of her, breaking buttons in his rush. He pulled her thong off and parted her thighs, using his tongue to spread her pussy lips. He licked at her vagina and she ground her hips against the soft wet pressure on her clit until she came for Chris.

Stephie put Chris’s man meat in her mouth and gulped him down, licking every inch of him as he entered her mouth. Chris couldn’t stop himself from fucking her mouth, and pumped himself between her lips as she sucked him and teased him with her tongue.

Stephie moved up Chris’s body and sat down on his dick, feeling all of his hardness penetrate her. She bounced up and down, letting him in her pussy. Chris let Stephie control the fucking for a few minutes, then rolled her to her back and started again, pushing inside her snatch. She lifted her butt and let him bang her pussy harder. Then she rolled over to her hands and knees, holding herself open for his cock. Chris took her again, stabbing into her va jj. He alternated going deep into her orifice and just barely fucking her, driving her crazy.

Finally, Chris pulled out of Stephie and sat, stroked himself over her face; as he came, he shot his load all over his girlfriend’s face. Stephie licked his jizz from her lips and begged for more.

Charlotte Loves Fucking and Sucking Older Men

Charlotte loves older men. They know just what to do with a 19 year old girl like Charlotte, and since she doesn’t have a lot of experience, they are able to teach her things about sex that she just wouldn’t learn from a boy her age.

Charlotte met Jack and knew he would be able to make her cum so hard she might lose her mind. He looked at her pale white skin and her perky, tiny boobs that peeked through her shirt and knew she would ride him into orgasm.

Jack wasted no time in getting Charlotte on top of him. He opened her vagina lips for her, and, spreading her as far as she could go, he dipped his tongue into her hole. She bucked on his face and ground her hips onto his tongue, letting him lap at her clit. The more he ate her, the closer she came to exploding all over his face. Finally she did jizz, letting her juice drip down onto his chin.

While Jack licked up Charlotte’s cum, she took his dong into her mouth and licked the dick sucking, teasing him gently before taking him all the way into her hungry mouth. She bobbed her mouth up and down over his member until he pulled himself away and put her on his lap.

Jack used his hands to spread Charlotte’s legs apart, opening her pussy for his boner. Once she was open, he penetrated her tight little pussy with his dick, letting her tiny body bounce up and down on his cock. He pounded into her, loving every little inch of her hole. Charlotte sighed and came again, and this time her juices ran down Jack’s thighs. Jack felt Charlotte’s twat pulsing and had no choice but to release his load deep in her lubed va jj.

Blonde Samantha is An Expert Cocksucker

This blonde is one real hottie as she shows off her perfect melons for the camera. She strips quickly and you can tell she loves being naked, waiting for a cock to come along. She shows us her round butt and pink twat before her boyfriend decides to help her get ready for his big dick.

He licks at her clit and slowly works his fingers inside her tight snatch, rubbing at her most sensitive spots until she moans and begs for him to cock his shaft down her throat. Not one to pass up an oppotunity like that, he immediately complies, sitting her up and presenting her with his shaft.

Samantha takes him deep in her mouth and begins giving him an absolutely expert BJ. She s her mouth further up his cock and almost gags as the blowjob touches the back of her tight, moist throat. Unable to hold out any longer, he sits down on the couch and pulls her down on top of him; his now rock hard shaft shoving its way into her tight slit. She moans and begs for more, taking him in every way he wants to bang her before ending if off with another stellar blowjob and swallowing loads of his cum.

Lucky Amber Gets Just What She Wants – Hard Cock and a Sticky Cum shot

Brad met Amber at the gym. She was trying unsuccessfully to lift weights, and he wanted to help her so she didn’t strain herself. At only 19, Amber was much younger than Brad, but he thought she was incredibly horny and she wanted to bang an older guy.

Brad watched Amber flounce around his bedroom in a red corduroy skirt. She hadn’t put on panties on purpose. Every time she bounced or even moved, Brad got a delicious glimpse of her round white butt and her little bald clam. Brad took his pants off and showed Amber his prick. She was on him immediately, simultaneously taking off her clothes and sucking his huge man meat.

Once she was nude and bobbing up and down on his dick, Brad admired her smooth skin and her perfectly round young breasts. She licked and sucked his dong, moving her hand and mouth in perfect time to make his sack tighten at the thought of blowing his load on her tongue.

He pulled his man meat out of Amber’s mouth and grabbed her. He coaxed Amber onto him and over his throbbing dong. She positioned her vagina over his cock and started to sit on his cock, but slowly, not letting him get all the way in at one time. Finally, Brad pushed her down all the way onto his cock, and lifted her hips, fucking her little pussy. He grabbed her bottom cheeks and slapped her butt while she rode his cock.

After pounding Amber’s wet vagina for a while, Brad was ready to cum, but he didn’t want to cum inside her va jj. He pulled out of her and made her lay on the bed. Then Brad straddled Amber and stroked his boner. He jerked off in a frenzy, finally letting himself spunk all over Amber’s pretty young face.

Alexa Discovers Her Inner Slut with Her Man

Alexa and Felix had met at a club a few months before shooting with us. Alexa was somewhat shy at first, which turned Felix on even more. He thought of her as a challenge and wanted to see just how freaky he could make her. She quickly opened up and let out her inner model for her man.

As soon as Alexa spreads her long slender legs, Felix knows just what to do. He slowly penetrates her self-lubed slit with his busy fingers and rolls his tongue over her beautiful clit. After flicking his tongue for a few minutes, she has the urge to repay him.

Alexa allows Felix to face fuck her and swallows his balls in between sucking. Her gag reflex is definitely under control. She lubes his dick up with her saliva, lays back and begs for more action. She fingers herself to prove just how moist she is and uses multiple fingers.

Felix impales her and begins pounding away and playing with her cute little nipples. She now sits on his cock and bounces away. When she is good and turned on, she bends over and receives some deep penetration and a thumb in the rump. Felix soon replaces the thumb with his fat man meat and Alexa squeals with excitement. He pounds away at her butt, goes ass to mouth and sprays his load all over her fantastic smile.

Steph and Neil Get Real.

When Steph and Neil got together, they weren’t planning to date: they just wanted to fuck each other’s brains out. And they never really got too serious; they would go to the club on Saturday nights, go home together, and bang for hours, letting themselves get covered with sweat and spunk. So they were excited when they were asked to shoot an amateur porn movie.

Steph was eager to get bare assed for the camera. She wanted Neil to see her perfect, perky melons and her completely shaved cooter on film. She also wanted to blow Neil on camera: she knew how much he loves watching her little pretty face take his huge prick between her lips and how much he wanted to cum in her mouth when she massaged his BJ with the tip of her tongue. Steph grasped Neil’s waiting cock and opened her mouth. Neil watched her take his whole dong deep between her lips, and pulled on the back of her deep throat until his cock slid down her throat. Steph let Neil fuck her mouth while she licked his long, pulsing dick.

After sucking Neil’s cock, Steph opened her legs for him and he admired her naked cooter. He rubbed his fingers over Steph’s little va jay jay lips, gently massaging her clit and then sinking his fingers into her va jj to make her wet enough to enter. Steph needed Neil’s prick inside her, so she grabbed his rod and shoved it deep into her twat. He thrust inside her over and over, letting his stick head touch her special hidden spot. Steph ground her hips against Neil’s cock until she released her pussy juices all over his ready, throbbing rod.

Neil was ready to jizz for Steph, so he pulled his prick out of her snatch and began stroking himself over her parted lips. She begged him to cover her face with his spunk until finally he released his load in her mouth.