Leah Shows How Dirty She Is In This Hot Fuckfest


Blonde beach babe Leah was very eager to make her first porn video with her new boyfriend. As soon as she was asked, she was trying to bring the camera crew home with her right away. Once they got in the door she almost started stripping before they turned the camera on!

As soon as she was naked, she stripped all the clothing off her older boyfriend and lay him down on the bed. She crawled up next to him and slowly began licking and sucking at the head of his cock while playing with his balls with her hand. He moaned and she smiled, slipping her mouth further down his dick and sucking at it like a lollypop. When he was good and hard and she could wait no longer, she slowly crawled the rest of the way up the bed and straddled his rockhard massive cock.

Leah sat down slowly, driving his rod between her soaking wet pussy lips and deep into her tight fuckhole. She bounces up and down, pounding it into her g-spot and moaning loudly. Eventually he decided to take control and makes her kneel, taking her hard from behind and grabbing on to her hips to hold her in place.

Eager to look like a true porn star, when she knew her boyfriend was almost ready to cum, she made him stop and stand over her face, jerking himself off above her. He moaned as he came, covering her in his sticky creamy jizz and watching her lick it all up.

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