Stephie and Chris Couldn't Wait Anymore – They Just Had to Fuck

Stephie had worked with Chris for a while at the restaurant before she knew that he wanted her. Once they started dating, Stephie noticed the way Chris watched her hungrily as she went form table to table in her short black mini skirt. He watched the tops of her bare thighs, waiting for the occasional sight of Stephie’s thong panties.

Once Chris got Stephie home, he yanked her shirt off and threw it on the floor. Then he pulled her skirt off of her, breaking buttons in his rush. He pulled her thong off and parted her thighs, using his tongue to spread her pussy lips. He licked at her pussy and she ground her hips against the soft wet pressure on her clit until she came for Chris.

Stephie put Chris’s dick in her mouth and gulped him down, licking every inch of him as he entered her mouth. Chris couldn’t stop himself from fucking her mouth, and pumped himself between her lips as she sucked him and teased him with her tongue.

Stephie moved up Chris’s body and sat down on his dick, feeling all of his hardness penetrate her. She bounced up and down, letting him in her pussy. Chris let Stephie control the fucking for a few minutes, then rolled her to her back and started again, pushing inside her snatch. She lifted her ass and let him fuck her pussy harder. Then she rolled over to her hands and knees, holding herself open for his cock. Chris took her again, stabbing into her twat. He alternated going deep into her orifice and just barely fucking her, driving her crazy.

Finally, Chris pulled out of Stephie and sat, stroked himself over her face; as he came, he shot his load all over his girlfriend’s face. Stephie licked his cum from her lips and begged for more.

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