Steph and Neil Get Real.

When Steph and Neil got together, they weren’t planning to date: they just wanted to fuck each other’s brains out. And they never really got too serious; they would go to the club on Saturday nights, go home together, and fuck for hours, letting themselves get covered with sweat and cum. So they were excited when they were asked to shoot an amateur porn movie.

Steph was eager to get naked for the camera. She wanted Neil to see her perfect, perky boobs and her completely shaved cunt on film. She also wanted to blow Neil on camera: she knew how much he loves watching her little pretty face take his huge prick between her lips and how much he wanted to cum in her mouth when she massaged his head with the tip of her tongue. Steph grasped Neil’s waiting cock and opened her mouth. Neil watched her take his whole dick deep between her lips, and pulled on the back of her head until his cock slid down her throat. Steph let Neil fuck her mouth while she licked his long, pulsing shaft.

After sucking Neil’s cock, Steph opened her legs for him and he admired her naked pussy. He rubbed his fingers over Steph’s little pussy lips, gently massaging her clit and then sinking his fingers into her cunt to make her wet enough to enter. Steph needed Neil’s prick inside her, so she grabbed his rod and shoved it deep into her pussy. He thrust inside her over and over, letting his cock head touch her special hidden spot. Steph ground her hips against Neil’s cock until she released her pussy juices all over his hot, throbbing rod.

Neil was ready to cum for Steph, so he pulled his prick out of her snatch and began stroking himself over her parted lips. She begged him to cover her face with his cum until finally he released his load in her mouth.

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